In Bristol Zoo, watch a band of gorillas right over your head!

Jul 16, 2015 posted in Case Studies

Western lowland gorillas from Central Africa are a main attraction at world-renowned Bristol Zoo. The zoo is proud to have 6 of them, each one up to 2 metres tall and 180 kg – one might say massive animals – and when they charge around or jump up and down to play or show who the boss is, they are really impressive!

Experience Cuts Short the Start-up of a New Line!

Jun 01, 2015 posted in Case Studies

CURA Glass (*), a well-established distributor of a variety of flat glass products, considered various partners while planning the start of a new laminating line in 2013. Eventually, Benteler was selected as the laminating line equipment provider, and EVERLAM (*) as the PVB interlayer supplier.

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