EVERLAM is proud to announce the launch of EVERLAM™ CLEARVIEW, its new generation of PVB film with superior clarity and optical quality. It combines the fundamental properties that make the reputation of EVERLAM™ PVB films and a new formulation with enhanced properties of significantly reduced “yellowness index” for better clarity and improved “haze” and optical quality.

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Boost your creativity in structural design using laminated safety glass.

Rheological data show that EVERLAM™ SUPER TOUGH presents higher shear modulus than standard PVB. This property provides a superior strength, stiffness and post-breakage behavior, which makes it ideal for applications such as glass balustrades, balconies, canopies, curtain walls and sloped and overhead glazing.

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Worried about your shop security?

Against threats of vandalism and theft, laminated safety glass made with EVERLAM™ PVB interlayer ensures the safety and security of your shop: when broken, the glass window remains in place to protect the shop while replacement is organised.

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