Protect your shop at all times

Shop owners face regular threats of vandalism and theft. Laminated safety glass made with EVERLAM™ PVB interlayer ensures safety and security — and your peace of mind: when broken, the glass window remains in place to protect the shop while replacement is organised.

EVERLAM™ PVB responds to shop owners' needs with a range of PVB films that provide not only safety and security but also IR protection while allowing a perfectly clear view of items placed in the window, and acoustic protection.


Our solutions

  • EVERLAM™ SUPER TOUGH — high modulus, extra resistant PVB solution that provides superior strength, stiffness and post-glass breakage behavior, which makes it ideal for structural applications, such as glass balconies, balustrades, curtain walls, floors and stairs. 
  • EVERLAM™ CLEAR — elastic, adhesive, strong and durable, it gives laminated glass its properties of safety, noise control, ultra-violet (UV) protection and protection against hurricanes.
  • EVERLAM ™QUIET — a state-of-the-art acoustic offering solution, it is a unique sound blocking solution combining a high-performance PVB film with the superior level of technical expertise and customer service that is the company’s trademark.
  • EVERLAM™ WHITE — a great solution when no compromise between light and privacy can be made. Suitable for interior doors and windows, meeting rooms or balconies, it helps create fully-private or semi-private areas while allowing in a maximum of natural light.



Our EVERLAM™ PVB interlayer complies with the norms in force:

  • EN356— Glass in building, security glazing, testing and classification of resistance against manual attack.
  • EN12600 — Impact safety film for glass.
  • ANSI Z97.1 — American national standard for safety glazing materials used in buildings.


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