Entrance Castle ruins in Valkenburg, the Netherlands. Courtesy of  Scheuten

Entrance Castle ruins in Valkenburg, the Netherlands. Courtesy of Scheuten.

Using either standard PVB or a rigid PVB film that will keep broken glass fragments even more solidly in place for a longer time, laminated safety glass  is particularly suited to overhead glazing applications. 


Our solutions

  • EVERLAM™ SUPER TOUGHhigh modulus, extra resistant PVB solution that provides superior strength, stiffness and post-glass breakage behavior, which makes it ideal for structural applications, such as glass balconies, balustrades, curtain walls, floors and stairs. 
  • EVERLAM™ CLEAR— elastic, adhesive, strong and durable, it gives laminated glass its properties of safety, noise control, ultra-violet (UV) protection and protection against hurricanes.
  • EVERLAM™ COLOR — our range of beautiful mineral nuances of blue, green, bronze and grey colors make elegant and distinctive building design and are an inspiration for creative architects and designers.



EVERLAM™ PVB interlayer for laminated safety glass conforms to the DiBt (Deutsches Institut für Bau technik) regulations of tensile strength and elongation specified for such application.

  • DibT norm on PVB interlayers.


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