Haga hospital, The Hague, The Netherlands

Haga hospital, The Hague, the Netherlands

EVERLAM™ PVB interlayer used in laminated safety glass provides safety and security as well as noise, heat and UV control. It keeps building facades together with no risk of exploded glass injuring pedestrians or halting traffic. It prevents people injuries due to broken glass and provides superior glass edge stability and resistance to delamination.


Our solutions

  • EVERLAM™ CLEAR — elastic, adhesive, strong and durable, it gives laminated glass its properties of safety, noise control, ultra-violet (UV) protection and protection against hurricanes.
  • EVERLAM™ WHITE — a great solution when no compromise between light and privacy can be made. Suitable for interior doors and windows, meeting rooms or balconies, it helps create fully-private or semi-private areas while allowing in a maximum of natural light.
  • EVERLAM™ COLOR — our range of beautiful mineral tones of blue, green, bronze and grey make elegant and distinctive building design and are an inspiration for creative architects and designers.
  • EVERLAM ™QUIET — a state-of-the-art acoustic offering solution, it is a unique sound blocking solution combining a high-performance PVB film with the superior level of technical expertise and customer service that is the company’s trademark.
  • EVERLAM™ SUPER TOUGHhigh modulus, extra resistant PVB solution that provides superior strength, stiffness and post-glass breakage behavior, which makes it ideal for structural applications, such as glass balconies, balustrades, curtain walls, floors and stairs.



Our EVERLAM™ PVB interlayer complies with the norms in force:

  • EN410 — Light and solar heat transmittance/reflectance.
  • EN12600 — Impact safety film for glass.
  • ASTM C 1172 — Standard specification for laminated architectural flat glass.
  • ASTM E1300 — Standard practice for determining the minimum thickness and type of glass required to resist a specific load.
  • ASTM F1233 — Standard test method for security glazing materials and systems.
  • UL 972 — Burglar resistant glazing.
  • ANSI Z97.1 — American national standard for safety glazing materials used in buildings.


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