Activities and growth prospects of December 2015

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An Overview of our Latest Activities and Growth Prospects


Your colour PVB interlayer is now Everlam™

As from January 1, 2016, the transition from DuPont to Everlam will be over and Everlam will be the sole producer in Hamm-Uentrop (Germany) of the historical Butacite® – now called Everlam – colour PVB interlayer for architectural laminated safety glass. Everlam™ is the exact same product that our customers have been using for many years, produced in the same plant with the same quality and packaging. So, for those customers who are keen to continue buying consistent quality, order your Everlam™ colour PVB interlayer with us now!


K. SAKAI & CO LTD is our appointed agent in Japan

As of December 2015 K. SAKAI & CO LTD will sell EverlamTM PVB interlayer to Japanese laminators of architectural safety glass. Following our recent announcements in the Americas this new move signals Everlam’s entry into the Asian market as a key part of our growth worldwide in the architectural market.

CEO Luc De Temmerman commented: “Japan is a centre for many key players in the worldwide glass market. To establish our position as one of the worldwide PVB suppliers our presence
in Japan is very important. Daisuke Koyama, a key member of the K. SAKAI & CO LTD organisation, has many years of extensive experience in the PVB business and is a key member of the team. Coupled with K. Sakai & Co Ltd knowledge of the chemical industry and the distribution system in Japan this partnership will be a significant asset to Everlam.”

Daisuke Koyama: “Everlam is still a new name in Japan but its track record of excellent quality products worldwide will help to rapidly establish a presence here too. Japanese customers expect reliable product quality, delivery from a local warehouse and a high level of service. This is just what Everlam promises.”

For enquiries, please contact Daisuke Koyama: +81 3 3555 8211 or koyama@ksakai.co.jp


A robust supply chain organization in place in North America

Everlam’s strategy to provide outstanding service to our customers in North America is coming together nicely as we are setting up a robust supply chain. It includes local stock points, shipping lanes, a warehouse network and a sales organization that will service your material requirements across the region.

For enquiries, please contact Jim Howard: +1 770 317 9638 or james.howard@everlam.com


Everlam is taking off in South America

Everlam’s growth in South America is under way. The company was introduced to most Brazilian customers and as a result, first orders were placed and commercial negotiations for 2016 are taking place. As part of our development plans, a local inventory will soon be in place in Brazil and we are preparing expansion to other South America countries, in particular Argentina, Chile and Venezuela, early 2016. Stay tuned for further information.

For enquiries, contact Sergio Andrade: +55 11 4191 4548 or sergio.andrade@everlam.com


Healthy growth in Western Europe

In Western Europe, we are closing the year 2015 on a very positive note as demand has been very strong since we started operations as Everlam in February. We have successfully met customers’ needs through the challenging transition from a legacy system into the new Everlam and existing customers have continued to rely on our high-quality products and services. We have also grown our customer base with new customers located in several areas.


New agents in South Africa, the Middle-East and India

Our expansion plans are also being implemented in EMEA and further East where we appointed 2 new agents – Southline Chemicals in South Africa and APT in the Middle-East and India.

Southline Chemicals, a reputed company in South Africa, led by Roy Spurdle, has committed to be our exclusive agent and distributor. Roy commented: “We are delighted to partner with Everlam. The quality of Everlam™ PVB interlayer and the company’s approach to service completely meet the expectations of local producers of laminated glass. I trust we can bring them a product-service offer that can make a difference to their business.”

For enquiries, please contact Roy Spurdle: +27 83 441 3617 or roys@southchem.co.za


Our partnership with APT will enable us to capture part of the fantastic growth taking place in the building and construction industry in the Middle-East and India. A leading market supplier of glass machinery and consumables in both regions, APT has its head office and main warehouse in Dubai as well as representation in Riyadh, Sharjah, Mumbai, New Delhi and Bangalore. Its CEO Philip Soares commented: “We can provide Everlam all the benefits and value of a well-established local sales and marketing organization. The current industry boom leaves space for serious players such as Everlam .”

For enquiries, please contact Philip Soares: +971 50 645 3929 or philip@apt.co

We wish you a brilliant year 2016!

Please visit our website or contact us at info@everlam.com or +32 15 48 08 00.


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