Combining experience and expertise, the flexibility of a small organisation and a drive to succeed with its customers, EVERLAM is equipped to bring solutions to the toughest challenges and meet the needs of the most demanding customers.  Over a short period, the company has achieved a great deal:
  • Oct 2018: launch of EVERLAM™ COOL
    A new generation of high-performance PVB film using nanoparticles technology, which uniquely combines an excellent protection against infra-red radiation with the advantage of allowing light in while preserving natural colors.

  • Jun 2018: opening of the EVERLAM Centre of Competence
    It hosts a unique combination of the company's commercial headquarters, R&D laboratory and technical center. Designed as an open space, it will help accelerate collaborative shared work, create stronger synergies and foster innovation across the entire company. It offers great facilities for welcoming and training customers and partners.

  • Dec 2017: launch of EVERLAM™ SUPER TOUGH
    EVERLAM™ SUPER TOUGH is EVERLAM’s stiff PVB solution. It provides extra strength and safety in applications where safety can’t be traded, such as glass balconies, balustrades, curtain walls, floors and stairs.

  • Mar-Jul 2017: expansion of sales force in EMEA
    EVERLAM hires experienced sales representatives to support existing customers and develop business in Italy, the Balkan region and Turkey.

  • Oct 2016: launch of EVERLAM™ QUIET
    EVERLAM’s sound -proof solution is presented for the first time at Glasstec 2016. A three-layer PVB interlayer for single or multiple glass configurations, it is produced according to the EVERLAM standards of absolute quality and consistency and ensures optimum processability on laminators’ lines. EVERLAM’s branded presence at Glasstec is widely noticed.

  • Jul 2016: a foothold in South America
    EVERLAM opens an office in Brazil. The market approach of bringing a proven product with flexibility, service and customer intimacy is ideal to help the successful entrepreneurs who created the laminated market in South America.

  • Apr 2016: start of the new technology pilot line
    EVERLAM expands its R&D capabilities and new product development program support with the addition of a new R&D extrusion line installed in its production plant in Hamm-Uentrop.

  • Feb 2016: EVERLAM Inc. is created in the US
    EVERLAM Inc. was created to handle all our North America customer service activities including shipping, warehousing, customer shipments, invoicing and customer payments.

  • Dec 2015: APT is appointed as agent in Middle-East and India
    EVERLAM appoints APT as its agent in Middle-East and India to sell EVERLAM™ PVB interlayer for architectural laminated safety glass.

  • Dec 2015: appointment of K. SAKAI & CO LTD as agent in Japan
    EVERLAM appoints K. SAKAI & CO LTD as its agent in Japan to sell EVERLAM™ PVB interlayer for architectural laminated safety glass.

  • Sept 2015: first EVERLAM Laminated Architectural Glass Event
    The first EVERLAM Laminated Architectural Glass Event brings together the EVERLAM team and a group of customers and industry experts to network and exchange points of views on the business.

  • Feb 2015: creation of EVERLAM
    EVERLAM takes over the state-of-the-art German Butacite® PVB operations of DuPont and starts doing business as an independent entity. Building on the product’s 25 years’ heritage and reputation for the highest quality, the new company is expanding to serve customers worldwide.


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