EVERLAM™ PVB film is recognized as a preferred material for making the laminated safety glass that makes modern buildings safe over time, more attractive and comfortable to live and work in, as well as energy savers. 

Building Facades


EVERLAM_HagaziekenhuisLaminated glass is the material of choice for making large building facades. It enables architects to be creative in their designs,  allows a maximum of natural light in and contributes to energy savings.

Widely used in curtain walls, it makes stunningly beautiful facades that have the properties needed to protect buildings and withstand all weather conditions while remaining safe for people overtime.

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Hotel-Jakarta_ScheutenFor a long time balustrades were made with tempered glass, but now laminated tempered glass has taken over as a preferred material, simply because it is much safer, especially when laminated with a rigid PVB film, and much better at preventing people from falling through in case of an accident. 

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Shop Windows


Shop owners face several challenges. Protection from theft of their merchandise is their first worry, but it is equally important to attract passers-by with eye-catching windows displaying items on offer in full view, without having the risk of infra red rays damaging them. And once inside their shops, customers should experience a comfortable environment, free from street and traffic noises.
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Overhead Glazing


Many modern designs feature overhead protections in glass. Laminated glass for overhead glazing offers many advantages: it stays in place when the glass is broken and allows replacement at the building owner’s convenience.
With annealed or strengthened glass, broken glass would cause a glass shower and be a real threat to people as well as leave the space below open to the prevailing weather.

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Floors and Stairs


Glass floors and staircases are often a key feature of contemporary houses buildings. They also offer a stylish touch of modernity in renovated traditional buildings. Transparent, white or in color, they provide a sense of lightness in a building and an unusual perspective on its structure and space.

Interior Glazing

Interior Glazing

Clear or colored glass panels are very popular decorative indoor and outdoor elements. You see them in shops and public places as well as in offices. Laminated safety glass using EVERLAM™ PVB interlayer allows colorful designs without compromising on safety or security.



Residential Windows


The main reason for using laminated glazing in homes is to protect the house and its inhabitants against burglary. It is also used in home facades, balustrades, overhead glazing, floors and stairs, interior glazing.

In order to ensure protection, the entire glazing system, and not just the glass panel, needs to be conceived to withstand a series of impacts from tools such as a hammer or a crowbar.


Special Applications

shutterstock_694843579Laminated safety glass is of course used to provide protection in special situations, such as hurricanesburglary, blast and explosion or fire arm attacks, where material with particularly strong resistance properties is required. 

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