Taking new steps with the new EVERLAM Center of Competence

The new EVERLAM Center of Competence is a stimulating environment for employees and customers. Planned as a modern open space, it brings together the company’s experts in research & development, technical support, customer service, sales and marketing in one place. Stronger synergies across the company are enabled and its capabilities to propose innovative solutions to its customers reinforced.

Focus on research and development

Our brand new laboratory sits in the middle of the EVERLAM Center of Competence, revealing that R&D is at the heart of the company’s strategy. Outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment, it complements our new R&D extrusion line. These critical assets enable us to develop and test our future products, as well as partner with customers to jointly develop new laminated glass solutions that address modern architectural challenges. 

Performance Monitoring Program

The new laboratory better places us to carry out the EVERLAM Performance Monitoring Program. A service available to all our customers, it consists of a series of stringent tests performed by our experts on customer laminated glass samples and includes an insightful report on what the issues might be - a great tool that helps customers resolve technical issues that can be critical to their business.

  • We test visual attributes of laminate samples to spot the finest defects that an untrained human eye might miss.
  • We make physical measurements such as impact resistance, adhesion of the PVB film to glass, moisture level in the PVB film.
  • We analyze material composition using chemical techniques.

Additional, finer quality tests are done on demand when identification and solution of more complex issues are required. They consist of more detailed analysis of the material’s construction, its softness, tensile strength, long-term resistance to heat or cold, consistency of coloured material over time, and more.

Examples of Our Work


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