EVERLAM™ SUPER TOUGH, our structural rigid film solution 

EVERLAM™ SUPER TOUGH provides extra strength, rigidity and safety in special applications where safety can’t be traded, such as glass balconies, balustrades, wind barriers, curtain walls, floors and stairs.

In case a glass panel breaks, EVERLAM™ SUPER TOUGH maintains broken glass fragments solidly in place for a longer time than with standard PVB. Architects and designers can unleash their creativity and maximise the use of large clear or colored glass panels. 

EVERLAM™ SUPER TOUGH combines a highly performing product with the superior level of technical expertise and service that has made EVERLAM’s reputation on the market of laminated architectural glass: 

  • Outstanding structural stability – EVERLAM™ SUPER TOUGH makes the laminated glass stronger, so that thinner glass can be used to minimise the weight and cost of the entire glass structure;
  • Extra safety after glass breakage – the glass fragments stay in place longer than with standard PVB, which provides a higher level of safety while replacement is organized;
  • Modern design – architects can recommend over-sized glass panels with minimum visible frames;
  • Processability – EVERLAM™ SUPER TOUGH can be processed on a standard lamination line;
  • EVERLAM manufacturing standards – it is manufactured according to the EVERLAM standards of high quality and performance consistency;
  • EVERLAM commitment – we will proactively test the material with you and provide immediate technical support to help with any issue you may have during the product introduction;
  • EVERLAM service excellence – quick response time, on-time product delivery, problem-solving, proactive and collaborative attitude.


EVERLAM™ SUPER TOUGH complies with the main international standards and code systems that apply to PVB film in building construction applications.


EVERLAM™ SUPER TOUGH performs as well as benchmark products on the market.

  Private Home Commercial Application
PVB Interlayer 740 N 1500 N.
EVERLAM™ SUPER TOUGH  8.8 mm  16.8 mm
Standard PVB film 22.6 mm 40 mm
Competitive stiff PVB film 9 mm 16.8 mm
Ionomer film 8.3 mm 15.9 mm

Data source: test performed at KiteGlass, comparing EVERLAM™ SUPER TOUGH with a standard PVB film, a competitive stiff film and an ionomer film (all were 1.52 mm thick interlayers laminated with 10 mm tempered glass), at ambient temperature. The test consisted in applying linear forces of 740 and 1500 N on laminated panels, which caused deflections that were then measured (in mm) and reported. Test method used: BS EN 6180.

EVERLAM™ SUPER TOUGH Typical Properties

Physical Properties

Property Test Method Units Test Conditions Typical Value
Specific Gravity ASTM D792   g/cm3 23°C 1.081
Sheet Moisture N-IR %   0.45

Mechanical Properties

Property Test Method Units Test Conditions Typical Value
Tensile Strength EN ISO 527 MPa 23°C / 50% RH 31
Elongation at Break EN ISO 527 %  23°C / 50% RH 196

Optical Properties

Property Test Method Units Test Conditions Typical Value
Optical Transmission EN 410 %   >88 (NC010)
Yellowness ASTM 1925   Thickness 0.76 mm <1.0
Haze ASTM D1003 %   <0.2
UV Transmittance ISO 9050 % Thickness 0.76 mm <2.0

Thermal Properties

Property Test Method Units Test Conditions Typical Value
Melt Flow Rate ISO 1133:2005 g/10 min 150°C/5.0 kg 0.41

This information corresponds to our current knowledge on the matter and may be subject to revision.