EVERLAM PVB Interlayer

Our portfolio includes EVERLAM™ CLEAR, EVERLAM™ WHITE, EVERLAM™ COLORED PVB interlayer, and now EVERLAM™ QUIET, our new acoustic offer, all available in different thicknesses. Our colored product comes in  a color palette of  Grey, Solar Grey, Light Blue Green, Murano Green, Azure Blue and Bronze. 

Laminated with EVERLAM™ PVB interlayer, glass makes a great safety material. Extremely strong and highly adhesive, our PVB interlayer absorbs impact energy and keeps together shattered glass fragments. Everybody remains safe and everything is secure. Unlike many plastics or resins, EVERLAM™ PVB interlayer is unaffected by the ultraviolet (UV) component in sunlight, remaining stable in the long term without aging or discoloring. Better, it blocks UV transmittance, keeping building occupants and objects safe from potentially damaging rays. In addition, it acts as a sound barrier in noisy environments. 


The latest addition to EVERLAM’s product portfolio, EVERLAM™ QUIET is a state-of-the-art acoustic PVB offering for the laminated architectural glass market. It is a unique acoustic solution combining a high-performance product with the superior level of technical expertise and customer service that is the company’s trademark.

EVERLAM™ QUIET is recommended in any environment where noise is a disturbance and a cause of stress, such as busy roads, airports and train stations, noisy production or entertainment sites, crowded areas or offices. Typical applications are glass window panes, glass facades and interior glazing where acoustic laminated glass using PVB interlayer significantly reduces noise pollution.  

Our Range of Colors

Clear - NC010Soft White 021800Translucent White - 0216500Light Blue Green - 0377300Murano Green - 1378000Azure Blue - 0637600Bronze - 0645200Grey - 0654400Solar Grey - 1654400


Key Benefits at a Glance

EVERLAM™ PVB interlayer benefits from EVERLAM's long experience in producing high-quality material, its recognised technical expertise and support as well as customer service excellence.


  • Absorbs impact energy
  • Resists penetration
  • Maintains shattered glass fragments together


  • Resists burglar intrusion and violent attacks
  • High performance configurations provide bullet and blast resistance

 Sound protection

  • Reduces sound transmission in noisy environments

 UV protection

  • Blocks UV transmittance
  • Protects people and objects from potentially damaging rays
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