EVERLAM™ CLEAR, impact resistant

EVERLAM™ CLEAR is one of our flagship products. Acknowledged for its high elasticity, adhesion to glass, strength and durability, it gives laminated glass its main properties of safety, noise control, ultra-violet (UV) protection and protection against hurricanes.

    • At impact, it absorbs the energy from a shock through impressive elongation (up to 250% longer).
    • In case of glass breakage, the shattered glass fragments stick to the PVB film, which reduces the risk of cutting injuries.
    • It reduces sound transmission in noisy environments.
    • It blocks UV transmittance and protects people and objects from potentially damaging rays.
    • In the right configuration, it provides security against vandalism, burglary, fire arm attack or explosion.
    • It complies with the Florida building code for high-velocity hurricane zone applications.

EVERLAM™ PVB interlayer benefits from EVERLAM's long experience in producing high-quality material, its technical expertise and support as well as customer service excellence.

Makes performant laminated safety glass

Laminated safety glass using EVERLAM™ PVB film provides safety, security, sound and UV protection:


  • Absorbs impact energy
  • Resists penetration
  • Maintains shattered glass fragments together


  • Resists burglar intrusion and violent attacks
  • High performance configurations provide bullet and blast resistance

Sound protection

  • Reduces sound transmission in noisy environments

UV protection

  • Blocks UV transmittance
  • Protects people and objects from potentially damaging rays