With EVERLAM™ PVB interlayer, glass producers can safely produce the safest laminated glass for building applications. Architects and designers are able to innovate and push the limits of design and environmental challenges through the increased usage of laminated glass. To innovate and bring forth win-win solutions, EVERLAM listens to customers and collaborates closely with them.


Long lasting laminated safety glass

Making high-quality Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB) film for laminated safety glass is our core expertise. We have earned our reputation through track-records of consistent product and service quality at the highest level. Our portfolio includes EVERLAM™ CLEAR, EVERLAM™ WHITE, EVERLAM™ COLORED PVB interlayer as well as EVERLAM™ QUIET, our acoustic PVB solution. 

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For aesthetic, safe and secure buildings

The trend is leaning towards greater use of glass in architecture. It’s because glass is so versatile. Clear or tinted, it creates extraordinary architectural designs that invite light in and bring colors to our working and living spaces. It also contributes to reducing the energy used for lighting, heating and cooling.

EVERLAM™ PVB gives laminated glass its properties of safety and security, noise reduction and ultra-violet (UV) protection and makes it a great safety material for a variety of architectural applications.

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A commitment to excel for you

Everyone at EVERLAM knows our success depends on the success of our customers. That’s why there’s an unwavering commitment throughout the business to deliver outstanding levels of service and best-in-class products. This happens by listening to and collaborating with stakeholders. When problems are solved together, everyone wins. We also make a positive difference through our investments in R&D, production capacity and service excellence.

Backed with extensive experience, EVERLAM is taking steps to grow into a major player on the architectural laminated safety glass market.

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