Some like it hot! But in a hot climate, we prefer it cooler indoors.With EVERLAM COOL, one has it all — comfortable temperature with natural light and sharp colors. It is a new generation of high-performance PVB film using nanoparticles technology, designed to give laminated safety glass more efficient solar heat control properties. It is unique in that it combines an excellent protection against infra-red radiation with the advantage of allowing light in while preserving the natural colors of what we can see through the glass. No compromise needed!

At EVERLAM, uncompromising quality and customers always come first ! Once again, it is officially acknowledged. Being awarded the ISO 9001:2015 certificate means that EVERLAM is recognised for the quality of its management principles. 

We are proud to be a company driven by a hands-on management team, with a strong customer focus and strict processes. This enables us to deliver the best quality and continuously improve our business model. Our customers are the winners! 

On 28 June 2018, EVERLAM officially opened its new Center of Competence located in Mechelen, Belgium. The modern building hosts a unique combination of the company’s commercial headquarters, R&D laboratory and technical center.

It is designed as an open space to accelerate collaborative shared work, create stronger synergies and foster innovation across the entire company. Centrally located in Europe, it offers easy access and great facilities for welcoming and training customers and partners.