On 28 June 2018, EVERLAM officially opened its new Center of Competence located in Mechelen, Belgium. The modern building hosts a unique combination of the company’s commercial headquarters, R&D laboratory and technical center.

It is designed as an open space to accelerate collaborative shared work, create stronger synergies and foster innovation across the entire company. Centrally located in Europe, it offers easy access and great facilities for welcoming and training customers and partners.

The growing trend for minimalistic design is spreading across many areas of our lives, in fashion, product design and architecture. Characterized by the use of natural light and material, of white and soft colors, it reflects our increasing aspiration for more privacy and a soothing lifestyle.

EVERLAM™ WHITE PVB for laminated safety glass is a perfect response to this trend. It proposes different levels of light transmittance that cater to various needs.

EVERLAM is proud to be selected as the sole supplier of PVB for phase 1 of New Istanbul Grand Airport, planned to be one of the largest in the world.

500,000 sqm of EVERLAM™ CLEAR 1.52 mm are used in the laminated safety glass that will equip the facade of the vast new terminal building, the world's largest under one roof, as well as five pier buildings. This glass project is managed in partnership with Sisecam.