Responding to the growing attraction for clearer and more transparent laminated glass, we introduce EVERLAM™ CLEARVIEW, our new generation of clear PVB film that shows superior clarity and optical quality.

It is a new clear PVB interlayer that combines the fundamental properties that make the reputation of EVERLAM™ PVB films — high elasticity, adhesion to glass, strength and durability — and a new formulation with enhanced properties:

  • Significantly reduced “yellowness index” for better clarity,
  • Improved “haze” and optical quality.
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Well protected and enchanted by the views revealed so sharply behind the window:

EVERLAM™ CLEARVIEW is as safe as ever and clearer. It gives laminated glass its fundamental performance of safety and security to protect people and properties — people from injuries by broken glass shards, and properties from damage caused by vandalism, theft or hurricanes.

In addition, it enables large windows to bring what is behind the window in full view, without distortion or light filtration, and makes the true colours of coloured glass used inside and outside buildings brilliantly shine.

Qualified by our customers:

EVERLAM™ CLEARVIEW has undergone a successful qualification process for impact resistance, durability and optical quality with many of our laminator customers who expressed great satisfaction with the product itself and the fact that it can be processed on existing equipment.

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